One lifetime isn’t long enough As long as I spend it with you Eventually our temporary house will be transformed As we explore something far greater than what we know in this existence And all I truly hope for is that we find each other in that place too Staying in this happy state untilContinue reading “Endless”


He broke down the levee’s Tore me down with themWater bleeding in slowly For a slow kind of deathWe’re not getting a revivalThis is just an act of hurtingNothing morePain is never poeticUntil you write about it laterWe are not a prophecy fulfilledI’m still bleedingOutAnd there’s nothing more to say Except I wish I could stop itMy wristsContinue reading “Bleeding”


I met you in December A canopy of Christmas hanging over our heads Pale faces illuminated by red and green, red and green   You were pure confidence Emanating ease A smile so sweet I almost didn’t believe in anything    But I learned I wasn’t a toy in need of repair A broken presentContinue reading “Warmth”