The First Rarely Lasts

And when your second love leaves you

Your mind will return to what it knows best

The easy thing to miss

The sweetness of the first

Unchosen love from long ago


Everyone will chime in; they will remind you that the first cuts the deepest

It’s the only reason you miss him

You will always miss him, but you need to let go

These feelings are not valid…

But he didn’t choose to love someone else

When someone potentially good was right in front of him

He didn’t volunteer up his heart up to someone new, until after I did


Even if the first was immature and clumsy

They will be the last one to leave your heart

When you find yourself alone once again

Craving something permanent; something you almost held

So close


The first will leave you wondering 

Where we may have gone, if we had gone together


We could have saved us a whole lot of heartbreak


We would have caused a whole lot more

Either way, I wish that I had seen the first love through


But then he wouldn’t be as happy as he is today, with her

And that matters more than holding him again; I celebrate his happy heart

Missing him from a safe distance

Just the same as in years past

Just the same as tomorrow

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