Book Announcement! It’s here!

Title says it all, you guys. I wrote a poetry book and it’s officially out now! You can visit my Author’s Page to purchase here or go to It’s called Things I Could Not Say, and I’m so excited to be able to hold it in my hands (my author’s copy is arriving any day now and I’m freaking out).

A little background on this book: I didn’t plan to write it. Yep. It just happened. I spent about four years planning out multiple books, focused on one for the past year, and I was ready to publish it. Then life happened and the book needed to change (don’t worry – I didn’t scrap the whole thing), and this one sort of appeared in my lap. I started to write and didn’t stop for a week straight. I edited, I learned how to self-publish, and bam here we are. With a brand new book! Life is weird.

This book has a whole lot of my soul in it. It’s so much more straight-to-the-point than I normally write (at least, when writing poetry) and that’s kind of why I like it. Less metaphor-heavy, less vague, but just as honest. If not, maybe, much more honest.

If you want a little preview, below I’m attaching a spoken word video I made. It sums the book up pretty darn well, and it’s my personal favorite poem from this collection. I hope you enjoy it!

Taken from my Youtube channel

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