He broke down the levee’s 
Tore me down with them
Water bleeding in slowly 
For a slow kind of death

We’re not getting a revival

This is just an act of hurting
Nothing more
Pain is never poetic
Until you write about it later

We are not a prophecy fulfilled

I’m still bleeding
And there’s nothing more to say 
Except I wish I could stop it

My wrists are screaming because they want to be heard

Hear me, please
You’ve been far too tired lately
To listen
I’m pulling us up

But down we still go

This is our new ebb and flow; give and take
A new standard
I guess
Everything comes back down to nothing

In the end, that’s all we can be...all we are

Aren’t we
Greater than two destined humans
Inevitable to fall
But fall, we did 

Doesn’t it sting

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