My Heart Won’t Break Again

You can save that broken heart for somebody else, because that’s never going to be for me.

Nobody’s going to leave me wondering where I stand,

Leave me believing I wasn’t good enough,

Leave me sitting at home with a new dress on and smearing my makeup because he couldn’t bother to show up again.

I’ve had my heart broken so badly I thought I wasn’t alive anymore, or I didn’t want to be,

And it took too damn long to even feel it beating again, to find it at all, just to let the first man with honeysuckle words and a saccharine smile come along and destroy it with a single hit.

I’ve known too many men who have let hopeful girls down with one dull blow after another as she watched him slowly change his mind,

Because she couldn’t bring herself to admit that he probably never fell for her in the first place.

When I repaired the crater in my chest left by the first one from a lifetime ago who kissed me a thousand times,

I built a wall made of brick and steel that’s easy enough for the right person to climb but sturdy enough to keep insufficient minds from tearing it down.

I wasted so much of my God-given life worrying over selfish people with no intention of loving me as much as I wanted to love in return,

So if I’m worth somebody’s time, then he will make it known that he is equally worth mine,

And I’ve got too much love in me waiting to be given just to be treated as if I don’t have anything to offer.

Dive – Ed Sheeran


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