Tell Her Something True

She doesn’t want your broken promises.

Do you think she stays because she doesn’t know any better?

Please, give her more credit than that.

You like her because she’s smart, right?

That’s what you tell her every time she dreams aloud and you don’t know how to reply.

You think she has just enough naivety in her to fall for the fairytales you throw together.

Do you honestly believe that you can outwit a girl like her?

She fabricates stories for a living.

She weaves her words and thoughts and ideas together like poetry.

No, she stays despite knowing exactly what’s going on in your heart.

She can read into your every move, your every action and word you choose to speak.

She knows what you really mean even before you do.

All she’s doing is waiting for you to speak up.

You’ll fight her, pretending you don’t know why in the world she is so upset…again.

You might go so far as to call her crazy when you’re out drunk with your friends.

But you know the truth, don’t you?

Dig a little deeper.

Break down that manly exterior you’ve built around your shattering body.

Just this once, tell her something true.

Don’t feed her what she wants to hear.

She can see through such simple deception.

She wants something real.

Even if it breaks her, she wants it.

It won’t hurt more than knowing you can never be straightforward with her.

After all this, all you’ve been through, all the chances she gave you?

The truth is hanging over her head on a delicate string that’s nearly worn out by now.

Then finally you take her hand, look into her hopeful eyes, and make a choice.

The string breaks.

Your truth is coming down on her one way or another, so she simply lets it happen.

She collapses under the weight of what you’ve done.

She’s finished.


Song: Look Her In The Eye And Lie – Alan Jackson



3 thoughts on “Tell Her Something True

  1. You crafted the flow of emotions in an incredible way to convert a very powerful and deep message, thanks for sharing such a moving post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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