He Could Do Better.

“He could do better.”

Maybe he can; maybe you’re right. Maybe he’s the only one that doesn’t care about my defects; maybe I’m afraid that one day he’ll see me for what I am. Maybe I’m not enough; maybe I used to believe I was.

“He could do better.”

Is it the gaps in my teeth? Because I swear to get them fixed as soon as I find the money.   Is it the fact that my nails look tattered? Because I swear I will find a nervous habit besides biting them until they bleed. Is it the extra pounds that I carry? Because I swear I tried to skip dinner but wasn’t strong enough tonight.

“He could do better.”

Maybe it isn’t my unpleasant appearance; maybe he really can see past it all. Maybe he had to force himself see me as beautiful at first; maybe I don’t mind if he did. Maybe it’s deeper than that; maybe I’m worse than I thought.

“He could do better.”

Is it my shyness? Because I swear I’m doing my best to be heard. Is it that I’m not exciting enough? Because I swear I’m going to embrace breaking the rules right when I figure out how to stop caring so much. Is it the fact that sometimes I don’t want to be alive? Because I swear he makes me want to be.

He could do better.


Song: Pieces – Sum 41


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