4/15/17: He Comes Back

It scared her to miss him as much as she did, but it wasn’t the kind of fear that made her want to run away. She wanted to run toward him, beside him; to run and never stop. Even if he did stop, she wouldn’t and that’s what was so terrifying about him. He was certainly uncertain all the time.

“Can you feel it in every part of your body? Like wanting to be with you is more than just this purely emotional experience? Can you feel your gut twisting and your heart reaching for me, because that’s what keeps me up every night desperate to be closer to you.”

He does. He says it in the quiet return of a sweet smile, the way he looks at her like he never wants to look at anything else again. He appears relieved as if he’s been waiting this whole time for her to ask those exact questions, his shoulders dropping and an airy sigh escaping his lips. He misses her in a way that is only able to be explained by those who have lost the person they loved most just to have them come back again.

The fear of heartbreak and being so terribly incomplete, not only emotionally but that physical loss no one warns you about too, is a fear that drives them to always come back. Love is stronger than circumstance.


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