Why I Stayed/Why I Left

His jacket,

A symbol of his seemingly undying devotion,

He gave to me and no one else,

Expectantly slithering and coiling itself around your unknowing body,

The one that no other lucky girl gets to wear,

Found its way around the bodies of nameless girls you never knew,

Fits like it was tailored just for me,

And I bet they wore it with the same pride you did,

Even if it’s technically three sizes too big.


He and I are the same,

You two could not have been more different.


I thought it was loose and unflattering the first time I tried it on,

He had countless ideas that didn’t include you,

But the more often I wore it,

He wouldn’t confess even when the truth stared him in the face,

The better it felt wrapped around me,

Because he expected you to go along with all of his big plans and mistakes,

Until it was perfect,

No questions asked,

And I swam in the comfort of his too-quickly fading scent, 

Because he knew you would drown without his arms to hold you up.


We didn’t seem to belong together at first,

Because you didn’t,

We started as opposites,

Because you were,

But I kept trying him on,

You should have stopped,

Because I knew that over time,

He took advantage of that naivety from the start,

We would fit perfectly.


And we do,

We never did.


Song: Sorry I’m Not Sorry – Tessa Violet 


If you’re not reading this on my website (if you’re on the WordPress app, it should be working fine), whether that be in an email or who-knows-where-else you may not be able to view this properly. The lines alternate between italic and bold, the first line being italicized, to represent old and new perspectives on a relationship (while the subject is in the relationship versus after she and her boyfriend break up). I’ve had this one ready and waiting to be posted for quite a while because it’s different from my usual writing style, so let me know what you think! Hope it works for you and thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Why I Stayed/Why I Left

  1. I really like this one. It’s different, yes, but it definitely works. It’s almost like you’re having an inner dialogue with yourself or the future you is talking to the past you. Awesome job!

    Liked by 1 person

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