Just A Kiss

Suddenly he’s standing closer than he used to,

And he’s kissing me.

Without a hint of hesitation,

I fall back into him.

This is familiar,

The feeling of his lips against mine and it’s sweeter than ever.

I am coming home,

Back to where I belong.


This has to be wrong.

We said this wasn’t going to happen,

Even though we both knew we wouldn’t be able to stop it.

“I thought we’re supposed to be friends,”

I say as I begrudgingly pull away.

I want to be closer,

But it’s always been my job to be the strong one.

His eyes are still closed,

While mine widen in surprise at the way I can suddenly speak my mind.

No hesitation,

I’m jumping in head first with my arms open.

Slowly and with some indecipherable intent,

He’s looking at me again.

Never missing a beat,

A gentle hand is brought to my burning cheek.

“We are,”

He smirks and I’m reminded that he knows me better than anyone else.

He kisses me again,

And I let him.


Song: Like You Used To – Tessa Violet


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