I Had Enough

You loved me once.

I was everything you wanted.

You wanted me for the rest of your life.

I had never been happier.

You gave me a ring and a smile.

I wore both with pride.

You had me hooked.

I was in too deep.

You tore away the veil.

I still didn’t want to see the truth.

You wanted the best of both worlds.

I became your second choice.

You blamed me.

I did too.

You threw careless words at me.

I took every one to heart.

You stood me up.

I left.

You came back pleading.

I believed you like I always did.

You hadn’t changed.

I kept begging for honesty.

You knew you were my weakness.

I was tired of fighting back.

You said you needed some time away.

I made a fool of myself to get to you stay.

You stopped answering.

I didn’t stop calling.

You took everything I had.

I was left with nothing.

You got away with the upper hand.

I wanted my freedom.

You tried to come back.

I pushed you away.

You told me I would never find a better man.

I said you were never going to be a man.

You wore me down.

I was afraid of the ammunition you threatened to use.

You reminded me that you were in control.

I wasn’t listening.

You got angry.

I mailed back your ring.

You said you needed one more chance.

I knew better.

You suddenly became the weak one.

I never wanted an advantage over you.

You cried and begged for me to see things your way.

I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt.

You were always a bad liar.

I was okay on my own.

You needed me.

I got away.


Song: Blue Ain’t Your Color – Keith Urban


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