3/1/17: Boys Like Him

She smiled brightly, beaming as she received countless messages about how much he missed her. How much he cared about her. How much he wanted to be with her.

He was right all those years ago when he told her, “You will never find someone as good as me.”

She couldn’t. She found boy after boy who was wrong for one reason or another, no one she could fully invest her heart in. She thought once that just maybe she found someone better, but those kind of boys don’t fall for girls like her.

Girls like her belong with boys like him. Boys who will treat her sweetly so long as she stays out of their way. Boys who will hold the door open for her only when other people are around to see. Boys who will pull her closer and expect her to comply with their every desire. Boys who will love her on their own terms.

She is strong in moments, being broken down enough to walk away, but girls like her never stray too far. They get afraid being on their own, knowing full well that if they don’t accept his love, a love they should be lucky to have because at least they can feel something, they will either have to settle or be alone.

It’s not in their nature to stay lonely for too long, even though part of them keeps running away because maybe loneliness won’t be so bad after all.

And boys like him know that girls like her will always come back anyway. Boys like him will always let her.


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