He Is My Summer

I will always think of you most when summer flies in,

Sweeping me along with it’s imminent breeze.

I used to love the thrill of cold ocean waves and sand burning my feet,

Reminders of all the times we chased one another down that beach back home.

Reaching for a childhood that was slipping from under us,

We were terrified of all the oncoming changes.

Tomorrow still came and went,

Pulling both you and I in it’s terrible wake.

I’d like to say we drifted apart along with the tide pulling itself back in,

But we both know that neither of us went peacefully.

We screamed at one another from opposite shores,

Simultaneously screaming for the other to be our refuge.

I stopped walking on the beach because it always felt like you were next to me,

But I longed to feel the familiar combination of salt and sweat on my skin one more time.

Forgetting how you looked then: red-faced and dangerously in-love,

Was harder than I ever expected it to be.

And now with the summer heat returning,

I silently hope that you will too.


Song: Dream – Tessa Violet



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