Why I Never Left Your Side

You stopped coming back for me.

You kept needing more time,

But I was the one who stopped keeping up.

Your mind wanders in ways I can’t understand.

I could only wait around on you for so long,

Because you were too preoccupied with running away from me.

I wish I at least knew what you kept running to.

You just couldn’t stick around for me.

I was constantly switching between hope and heartbreak,

Until I finally realized you never actually asked me to wait.

I thought you were telling me to give it time.

You never gave me an end date to this pause on us,

Because it wasn’t a pause after all.

It was an indefinite ending.

It was an easy out.

There was never going to be an “us,”

Just a constant stream of hope on my end.

How foolish I must seem to you right now.

I didn’t mean to assume.

That’s not something I usually do,

But maybe I can’t help how much I care about you.

Wanting me was not on your mind.

Maybe it was on the day we first met.

You have a big heart to protect,

And I’ve become notorious for breaking it.

I don’t know why I had to wait so long to figure that out.


Song: The Last Time – Taylor Swift ft. Gary Lightbody 




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