A Letter To An Old Friend

I can’t be your compass,

And I won’t be your savior,

But I held your hand as you went through the worst of it all.

I’ll do whatever it takes,

Just to see you get to the place you need to be,

And I hope you find what you’ve been searching for.

I know you think I’ve given up,

But I made a promise to you,

Because you have to see that my absence is the better choice.

I will see you again someday,

Whether here or in heaven,

So don’t forget about my love for you just yet.

You’re going to be okay,

These demons will leave you alone,

As long as you keep the strength I always told you to hold on to.


Song: I Won’t Let Go – Rascal Flatts



8 thoughts on “A Letter To An Old Friend

  1. I like how you leave a song at the end of your post, I’ve been thinking of doing the same. Sort of like “this is what I listened to while I wrote this”.


    1. I think you should! I don’t add one in every post, just a majority. If it contributes something to it, then I will. Sometimes I want the reader to not be influenced by anything other than the words, but most of the time it just gives a little insight and a personal touch. Definitely try it sometime!

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