You Can’t, But You Did

You can’t do that. You can’t laugh about me to all your friends. Not when they don’t know what you did. Not when my side of the story will never be told.

I have no chance left of making friends on my own because your presence is too strong in this town. I’ve been here since day one, but you think you can swoop in and take my safe place away. You think you can take my home away from me just because I didn’t give you what you wanted.

I was more kind to you than I should have been. I made myself clear when I left, but you still didn’t stop. Your incessant pushing drove me insane and I became a recluse. I stopped going to the places I always do because I knew you would find me. You have a sickening habit of showing up when I least expect it.

You are a masterful manipulator, but I learned to see through your tricks. I don’t owe you anything, but you can’t seem to understand that. Why would you want someone you had to wear down, anyway? You put on such a good face that the rest of the world falls for, but you just like their constant affirmation. You think you have all the answers, acting so high and mighty with everyone you meet, but I don’t have the patience for such a pretentious attitude. It’s all for your own satisfaction in the end.

Every time you show up where you aren’t welcome, I feel sick. I’m still too kind to you, so I’ll keep biting my tongue and balling my fists to hold back all of my resentment. I’m so sick of you showing up every direction that I turn. I can’t escape and I feel stuck in the place I used to feel the most free.

I’m so sick of you trying to force your way in. I will not let you. You are not going to win.

You can’t paint me as a villain, telling all your friends how I treated you so poorly. Not when it was you who couldn’t be big enough to walk away. Not when it was you who lashed out when you didn’t get your way. Not when it was you who couldn’t let me go.


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