A spark,

Just a minuscule spark,

And that was all it took as I went up in flames.


My lungs filled with heavy smoke,

But I kept breathing you in.

I couldn’t stop,

No matter how hard I tried to put you out,

You filled every empty space.

Fully enveloped,

Nearly suffocating,

There was nothing to do but give in.

Just as I did,

Right when I stood tall among the flames encasing my body,

There was nothing left.

No fire,

No trees where I waited for you,

Only a collection of burns littering my collapsing body.


Song: Used To Love You Sober – Kane Brown and That Don’t Sound Like You – Lee Brice …depending on how you interpret this one. For some reason, this just felt like it called for a country song.


I’ve been trying to use more imagery in my poetry. Also, I think  I have over-used the water/ocean analogy by now, so fire is pretty much as far from that as I can get.

What do you think? This feels a bit different from my usual poetry, and I think I’m liking it so far.


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