If we met at any other time,

In a place other than our current location,

If it hadn’t been so hard,

With just a few less obstacles in our paths,

I wonder what would have come of us,

If we could have been the dream I imagined us to be,

A beautiful,

Fairy tale dream,

Full of promise and plenty of life,

But we’re left with a dead thing now,

Our paths never did cross,

Like I kept praying they would,

So I’ll create more distance in order to be okay with this outcome,

Because I know God couldn’t have intended it any other way,

Even if I kind of didn’t want it to end,

There was simply no way for us to win,

So I’m coming back down to earth,

Smiling at the mere memory of you,

Forgetting your eyes,

Letting go of every word you did and did not speak,

And I promise I will be fine,

Just a little less hopeful for what’s to come next,

As I wonder why my path won’t cross with the right person,

Why love has to equate to pain in some way,

But everything will go back to normal soon,

Except I won’t have you to talk to.


Song: We All Die Trying To Get It Right – Vance Joy


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