You Are…

You are hair as black as ink

And shockingly contrasting skin.

I adore the way your too-pale skin

Highlights every mark, freckle, and scar on your body.

You are wide eyes

Composed of a thousand tiny ice crystals.

Yet I’ve only ever felt warmth

Every time they glance in my direction.

You are slouched shoulders

With a stream of insecurities flowing through your head.

Still, you are forever bursting with undeniable passion

Because you can’t control your undying, upbeat spirit.

You are kindness

And so much selflessness.

I want to love like you do

So I can be half as amazing as you have become.

You are a distant dream

That I am lucky enough to keep.

I can see the integrity in you

Like you see the beauty in everyone around you.


I have a confession.

This may or may not be about a celebrity.

Does that ruin the poem? Probably. I only have so much material to work with when my love life is currently nonexistent, okay! Besides, I write about fictional characters all the time (ha, I bet you hadn’t noticed), so it isn’t that much different. I wrote one about Emma Swan and Killian Jones from Once Upon A Time this morning because I’m secretly just a massive fangirl.

If you can guess who this is about, we need to be friends right now. It’s rather obscure though, so I’m not holding my breath. But good luck anyway!


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