This is a fleeting moment,

Nothing more than a rough night.

Go to sleep,

Start again when the Light clears your foggy vision.

The breath in your lungs can feel

Like the ocean waiting to pull you under.

You may not see the good in this

And I know you’re terrified of the oncoming waves.

They will surely hit you and test your confidence,

But don’t let them take you down.

Your lungs are not going to drown you,

Your breath is going to be steady again.

Wait and see how the water gets calmer in the morning

When the Light eases it to sleep.

Your feet have not forgotten the feeling of solid ground

And pretty soon you won’t remember how hard the unforgiving waves hit.

Then you will wonder why they ever scared you at all,

As they appear so small on the distant horizon.

So let go of all this fear,

Take your time and face it the best you can.

Let go of the doubt in your brain that says you won’t make it

When you’ve already survived this a hundred times before.

Let go

And breathe.


Song: Secret For The Mad – Dodie


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