I won’t let the sun won’t go down in my mind today,

But there are times when I think that I might.

I keep wanting to reach out

Because you never fail to make me laugh again.

I’m holding back,

Too afraid to be a bother or come across as weaker than I am.

You have your own problems

And I will be okay.

It’s only my mind that gets the best of me

When I’ve spent too much time on my own.

I don’t want to rely on people

To be my Light anymore.

There are times though when I just want to hear a comforting voice,

A sweet distraction from all the noises in my chaotic head.

I’ve always been afraid that you’ll see me

And simply see something broken.

I’m not anymore,

I’m so far from it.

I’m just a little lost some days

Knowing that I need a friend to help me come back home.

I’d spill my guts if I got the chance,

But that burden shouldn’t be yours for the taking.


Song: One More Cup Of Coffee – Rusty Clanton and I Won’t Be Done – Dodie

(I couldn’t decide, so let’s just go for two songs today!)




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