Can I Be The Reason?

Can I be the reason you get restless at night?

The reason you run over my words a thousand times in your head.

The reason you hope for a better tomorrow.

The reason your heart skips a few beats or sometimes stops altogether.

The reason you pray to forget me, then pray to dream about me in the same breath.

The reason you’re already smiling when you wake up every morning.

The reason you want to pull all your hair out when I don’t answer the phone.

The reason you can’t stop thinking about how your hands feel lonely without mine in them.

The reason you dance around your bedroom when I tell you “I miss you” for the first time.

The reason you order brownie sundaes for dessert just because you know they’re my favorite.

The reason you wear that old button-down all the time because I once told you it makes you look handsome.

The reason you are uncontrollably happy and feeling like you’re losing your mind at the same time.

Can I be the reason you fall in love?


Song: Up – Sing Street


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