She’s Trying To Let Go

She wants to believe in you.

Your eyes tell her stories

That your heart may not mean.

How did a girl who prides herself on intelligence fall for that?

The girl who doesn’t believe in love anymore

Just wanted to be loved by you.

She used to believe in you.

You’re still an exception to her ideas of falling,

But she won’t fall for those eyes anymore.

Or so she says.

It’s so much easier to believe it when they aren’t looking right at her.

She’s afraid to pray about forgetting you

Because she still hopes you’ll come back around.

It doesn’t make a difference to you if she leaves,

But she can’t seem to stay away.

Your kind and promising eyes always pull her back in.

It doesn’t matter if you hurt her

Because she still can’t stand hurting you.

She’s missing the days when this all started,

When falling for your eyes didn’t seem so insane

And you saw something good in her.

She wonders if that was ever true.

She wishes she could start over.

Maybe then you might come back around

And yet maybe

Your heart would still be somewhere else.


Song: Mercy (acoustic) – Shawn Mendes



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