Dreams Should Come True

I am dreaming of New Year’s kisses and dancing at the roar of midnight.

Did I forget to mention that you will be the first I’ll spend this moment with?

This is the kind of dream only worthy of giving to someone who understands.

Someone who will do it right, simply because it’s my dream.

Sweep me off my feet only when the symphony of lights illuminate the sky.

We can pretend like we’re in a movie and just for a second, we will believe it.

Everything can really be that simple in the ethereal moment as all becomes brand new.

I’m sure it won’t be as magical as I’m making it out to be.

Still, a dream becoming reality is something special in it’s own regard.

Sharing that moment with you is the only reason it’s a dream at all.

Some dreams deserve to come true.


Song: A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes – Lily James


Guess who’s never had a New Year’s kiss? That’s right, this girl. I like to take semi-meaningless moments like that and dream of them anyway simply because I can. I like to save certain moments for certain people, and there are some I have saved for whomever I truly fall in love with. Like a New Year’s kiss and seeing snow, for example. They have never happened for one reason or another and I imagine them as being more special when shared with the right person. A girl can dream, right?


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