Let’s take advantage

Of the slipping moments,

The beauty of youth,

Before we can’t feel the passion

As we grow more weary

And life looks less enticing;

Let’s not forget

That you look like tomorrow,

But you could be today too,

So why are we wasting time

As we are growing more weary

Every day that passes a little more weary.


Song: YOUTH – Troye Sivan


I wrote this a while back, posted it, then deleted it the next day because I decided I didn’t like it. Maybe I’m just really tired (last night was a long, dramatic night involving my cat and two gerbils…you can probably guess that scenario) or maybe I really was just being too hard on myself at the time. I was looking through all of my drafts and deleted posts to see if there was anything worth posting and I particularly liked this one. Therefore, it shall be posted once more. And will probably stay up this time.

What do you think?




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