Off Day



Don’t go there,

Not today.

There is so much to do,

Places to go besides this house,

Plenty of other emotions to be felt,

But I’ve been sitting here since this morning,

Surrounded by too much nothing,

Hoping for a friend to pull me out,

Because some days are too hard to figure out alone.

So please,


I keep telling my brain,

Please don’t go there today,

It could have been a perfectly average day.


Song: Dear Happy – Dodie Clark feat. Thomas Sanders


Sometimes, you just have an off day. It’s one of those days that are not necessarily bad because there’s no good reason for it to be, but it’s just off. Something isn’t quite right and being happy, productive, etc. feels almost impossible. Maybe you start out the day super optimistic with plans to get so much done. Then, you reach the end of the day and your biggest accomplishment was making your bed or taking a shower.

Anyway, does anyone want to bring me Taco Bell and marathon some Disney movies please?


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