An Adventurous Spirit

Take me away from these cold walls pressing in on me.

Take me somewhere where the air flows in and out of my lungs with ease.

I want a different serenity than that of concrete floors and the glow of my television.

I want more than simply staring out of my bedroom window.

Take me back to holding hands under icy waterfalls.

Take me back to dark caves where we pretended we were Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

I want more starry nights on our massive blanket in the sand.

I want more days filled with climbing the tallest trees we can find.

Take me to amateur rock climbing with no harness or supervision.

Take me to flying through the treetops on nothing more than a thin wire.

I want flashlights at midnight as we discover tiny creatures in the silent water below our feet.

I want swing sets at the park where we always fight to go higher than each another.

Take me to the place where we walked peacefully and made friends with wildlife.

Take me to the place where fish grazed our shivering bodies and waves hit us on all sides.

I want more days like that.

I want more adventures with you.


Song: Go Outside – Cults

I’m sick. Stay-in-bed-all-day-not-moving kind of sick. Yesterday was miserable, but today is slightly better as I’ve at least managed to do something other than sleep, so yay for that. The funny thing about being sick, though, is that it always makes me desperately want to go outside. Maybe because I don’t have the option, or maybe because of the fresh air, but it drives me crazy to lie in bed all day.

I’ve been dreaming of some of my favorite memories (most of which are mentioned in this poem), of not being sick, of nature walks and the ocean. That was my first thought as I woke up this morning: I want to go to the beach. I don’t think I’m happier than when I’m either at the beach or somewhere equally peaceful and beautiful. I feel closer to God, at peace with myself, just happy.

I’ve never been one for sports (if that’s not obvious already) or anything super thrilling like white water rafting or bungee jumping (I will try a lot of things, but willingly jumping off a bridge is not one of them); I like the more peaceful, serene, slow moments spent in nature. I love the forest by my Granny’s house, sitting in too-hot sand and listening to waves crashing at my feet, the old rickety treehouse I’ve grown up climbing that’s taller than all the trees and overlooks the ocean, pretty gardens filled with flowers I don’t know the names of and butterflies that land on me, the nature preserve that takes almost an hour to drive to but is one of my favorites because the deer aren’t afraid of you and there are hidden pathways everywhere, the park where I’ve spent countless hours laying under the giant Banyan tree.

I don’t want to lie in bed unable to do anything. I want to feel the harsh sun on my skin and a slight breeze flowing through my hair. I want salty air and warm water surrounding me. I want leaves crunching beneath my feet and trees ten times bigger than me.

That’s what I want right now.


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