I Blame Me

I don’t want to cause you pain,

But I really don’t want to be the one to answer you today.

Something has changed.

I’m not like you.

I don’t feel the things you say you can’t control.

You took something from me.

You’re taking it from me,

I want it back,

Please give it back,

I’ll never get it back.

I want to turn back.

You’re still standing over me every time I turn around.

I could tell you again to stop,

will tell you again,

But you’ll still do it again.

You’ll never learn.

Stop ruining a good thing.

Stop ruining me.

I belong to Him and I belong to me,

But I will never belong to you.

Stay away,

Stay away,

Just stay far away from me.

I still blame me.

You’re still perfect insincerity.

Hurt me once,

I blame me.

Hurt me twice,

I blame me.

Hurt me a hundred times,

I still blame me.

It’s always me.

It will always be me.

Your apologies are weak and I can always see through them.

I’ve never told you that.

I can see the truth,

You would do it again.

You keep doing it again.



It’s all mixing together.

I can’t tell which is which anymore

If there is even a difference at all.

I know I’m not making sense,

But how can I think rationally when you tore away the innocence I held on to?

I can’t take it back,

It’s gone,

It’s my fault.

I can’t hear Him anymore.

I only hear your voice.

I’m sorry,

It’s my fault,

I won’t say no anymore,

Just forgive me.



Song: By The Grace Of God – Katy Perry


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