I Might Love You Most On Christmas

As I wake up to colder air and warm blankets wrapped around me,

All I can think of is how much I wish you were here.

My mind wanders to thoughts of how sweet it would be

For us to dance to old-fashioned music in the warmth of my kitchen.

With the scent of home-made cookies spilling from the oven,

You wrap your arms around me.

I won’t be able to contain my excitement when I give you the present I spent weeks trying to find,

But then I’ll realize that once again you have given me a gift better than anything I could buy.

I like to imagine the cliche moments,

Like surprise kisses under the mistletoe I didn’t know you hung.

Or maybe breakfast in bed

And a classic movie marathon.

One day I will wake up to find you really there waiting for me,

My dreaming no longer just a dream anymore.

I won’t have to lie in bed anymore,

Wondering how lovely it would be to love you on Christmas.


Song: Mistletoe – Justin Bieber

Nothing like the holidays to inspire some cheesy romantic poetry. I hope you all are having a wonderful day and spending time with your loved ones, which is what I’m going to go do right now. Merry Christmas!


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