I Miss The Feeling And Nothing More

Let me have a moment to miss you

Without it meaning anything,

To mourn the loss of your love

That I haven’t felt in over a year.

Missing you is impossible when I realize I’m better off

So don’t make this into something real,

I just miss having someone to smile at

And a reassuring hand to hold.

There was a time when you meant everything

Even when you treated me like nothing,

A time when I was somebody’s future

And I never thought I’d become your past.

Let me miss you innocently

Without wondering how you are now,

I don’t want to know if someone has your heart

Because I miss the feeling and nothing more.


Song: Miss Missing You – Fall Out Boy


Instagram: gabriellegillispie


2 thoughts on “I Miss The Feeling And Nothing More

  1. This was hard to read. This time last year was the beginning of the end with someone I loved dearly. Never would’ve guessed in a million years what was going to happen💔 I still can’t explain why it still hurts so much when I think about him but it does. Beautiful poem ❤️❤️😘😘


    1. I understand that feeling. It’s okay to still think about it. A broken heart is not something that heals easily or quickly. I’ve learned not to dwell on it and not to let it make me bitter/angry/fearful/etc., but to go from love to nothing at all is not an easy transition. It’s okay to still be thinking about it. It’s all a learning lesson, too. <3 <3 Keep your head up, girly.


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