A Love Poem

My heart tends to wander,

My eyes like to do the same,

But darling you’re the only one I can seem to focus on.

After all this time,

Even with a tendency to flee,

I only want you.

From the strand of hair that always sticks up,

Your favorite tee shirt,

To the pair of feet that always know where they’re headed.

Your smile looks like the sunset,

A burst of calmness and my favorite part of the day,

Providing a simultaneous feeling of awe-struck wonder and home-coming.

Your eyes are the first snowflake to touch the ground,

Gentle and beautiful and ambitious,

I never know what may be coming next.

Your heart,

My dear it’s your precious heart so full of life,

That makes me want to stay.

It makes me want to dance all day long,

To sing the prettiest song I know,

Even if I don’t quite know how.

Give me more than just this measly taste,

And though it was all so perfect in those first moments,

I know I can never get enough.


Oh my goodness, you don’t even need to tell me how sappy that was. I’m not fishing for compliments here, I just know that that was so sickeningly sweet. Even I cringed a little when reading it back. Still, I wrote it and I like the sappiness. I am a Hallmark-watching, Prince-Charming-dreaming, romance-novel-loving, hopeless romantic. Give me all the Sarah Dessen and John Green books about adorable teenagers falling in love in some dramatic and slightly tragic way. Give me all the Once Upon A Time Snow and Charming, Parks And Recreation Ben and Leslie, Gilmore Girls Jess and Rory (Team Jess always and forever), and Boy Meets World Cory and Topanga kind of love stories. Give me all the Christmas Hallmark movies in which nearly every movie has the same plot. I don’t care. I. Love. Romance. I love love and the feeling of being in love and sharing sweet little moments with someone that means the world to you. I know I’m getting a little carried away, but truly nothing brings me more joy (and pain) than a good love story. Or, I guess, a love poem too.

Also, I just finished watching a Hallmark movie. So, that’s probably a contributor. Anyway.


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2 thoughts on “A Love Poem

  1. What Cory and Topanga had was beautiful!… I realize I just lost testosterone saying that, but still. Lol.
    Anyway, don’t worry about it being sappy, as long as you enjoyed writing it. I’ll enjoy it either way.

    Liked by 1 person

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