Quote #1

We’re nearing the end of a Monday, and oh boy was it a Monday. The skies have been grey, work went by slowly, I can’t seem to accomplish anything today because I’m so tired. So, in an effort to lift my spirits and I hope yours as well, I’m starting a new series titled “Positivity” where I will occasionally share an uplifting quote along with some of my thoughts on it. If you’re anything like me, there is no better motivator than scrolling through a bunch of inspirational quotes on Pinterest for a few minutes each day. (Speaking of which, I post a lot of quotes among lots of other fun stuff on Pinterest here.)

This quote in particular stands out to me because I take it as a reminder to not be so self-centered. Everything I do, say, go through, etc., is not always for my own sake. We are all inevitably put in some very difficult situation, trials that are seemingly impossible at times, but you can find the motivation to keep moving forward when you consider the fact that trials not only have the power to make us stronger, but that we can use our strength to help someone else.

God puts us through trials to make us better people, and if we’re doing it right, everything we experience becomes an opportunity to learn and grow. Pay attention, consider what you are experiencing from all perspectives, why it may be happening in the first place, and listen to what God is trying to tell you.

Humans are made for a sense of community, to interact with other people; it’s the only way we can truly be supported, by offering support in return. Even in situations outside of our control (like an illness or a death in the family), you may be experiencing it in order to relate to somebody going through something similar. You can help pull one another through the situation together, with God beside you both the entire time. Maybe you are the one that needs help getting through it and as a result, you will know how to help someone else get through their own difficult situation when it’s over, and the cycle continues.

Your trials are not meaningless, nor are they simply the result of a cruel world. They are indeed the result of a broken world, but you have the choice to maintain positivity and you have the power to turn a difficult situation into something useful. Even if you don’t always see an immediate result, or maybe you don’t see a result at all, your trials and lessons learned are never in vain if you know how to use them positively.

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