Poem: Morning Light

I bask in the morning light

Where I feel held,


Covered in a blanket of pure golden light.

Everything seems brighter

Like there’s something still

To look forward to.

I am happy here.

I could live in this moment.

I’m reminded of the childhood days

When my mother kept me from school

Just so I could have this feeling every now and then.

I am that child again,

Smaller and filled with heightened emotion,

Familiar and exciting

Like I belong right here.

Sitting in the bedroom of my old home,

I realize this is all I’ve longed for

Ever since the reality of growing up washed over me,

When the excitement turned to fear,

My eyes grew weary,

My heart felt uncertain.

Now it’s only sunshine and warmth,

The white clouds that hold a promise of something good.

It’s a beginning,

And sometimes the beginning is the best part.




Instagram: todayithoughtthis, gabriellegillispie


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