Poem: My Imagination

I knew if we talked,

My mind would begin to wander.

And oh it did.

You could be in love with someone else,

Or talking to a hundred other girls just like me.

I’ve still waited everyday for you.

Maybe you’ll give me a sign,

Tell me it’s not all in my head.

I’ve known all along that you’re so out of my league.

I knew if we talked,

I’d get attached.

I had to try anyway.

And you need to know that in those two hours,

I laughed more than I have in a long time.

I wanted to tell you that you have the sweetest smile.

I know I talked too much about myself,

But I wanted to give you reasons to like me.

I know how pathetic that sounds.

You probably think I sound crazy,

But my mind is running wild with you.

I could mean absolutely nothing to you.

Even if it’s true,

I wouldn’t take a single moment back.

You’re the closest I’ve been to feeling something real.

I don’t care if you know this is about you,

Even if I’m sure you won’t see it.

I think I want you to know.

I’m still hoping for a chance,

For you to show me that this isn’t in my head.

Don’t tell me if I’m wrong.

If you can still see me sitting there like I can picture you so well,

Please say so.

Let me know what you think!

Instagram: todayithoughtthis, gabriellegillispie




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