Screaming Matches 

As I sit here trying to write, I can hear a woman screaming at a man somewhere close by.

I’m near a highway, with a constant roar of cars flying by and honking. I’m at my university, with hundreds of students chattering at once. Still, she can’t be drowned out.

I have no idea what she’s angry about; I can’t decipher it. I don’t want to pry, but she definitely isn’t trying to hide.

I hope she finds her peace soon, and I hope she’s not being mistreated in some way. She sounds like she’s had it, though. Like she’s at a serious breaking point.

I admire her, at least, for being able to let it out, even if it’s making a commotion. Sometimes, a little commotion is what you need. Sometimes, I want to scream like her, but I can’t do it.

So, to the screaming woman, you’re probably on the verge of something better. The saying “it gets worse before it gets better,” is generally pretty true, so maybe this is your worst.

There’s hope to be found in that.

As for me, I’m hopeful, too. I’m hopeful for a new beginning as I just start to come out of a “worst” moment myself.



Instagram: gabriellegillispie


6 thoughts on “Screaming Matches 

  1. i loved the intro to your post! you’re a great writer with beautiful ideas :) her screaming is like the storm before the calm ;) love what you’re wearing too!
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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